Next-Gen Ranger Delivers the Versatility Every Truck Customer Needs


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Vehicle & specifications shown are pre-production prototypes and subject to change. Final design, trim & specifications will be confirmed at the time of official sale date & reservations. Not all features available in all markets on all series.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, January 25, 2022– Whether next-generation Ranger is being used for work, family or play, Ford knows its customers rely on a pickup that is functional, convenient and durable. And Next-Gen Ranger goes all-out with a wider cargo box packed with features and opportunities to transform the space into a total cargo management makerspace.

Customer-centered design led to innovative features throughout the truck, while a relentless testing and engineering program ensured every facet of the Ranger’s versatility was truly Built Ford Tough.

“Our intent was not to simply create a good truck. We wanted to deliver an exceptional one that people would want to own – one that customers around the world could trust to tackle anything,” said Gary Boes, Enterprise Product Line Management director, Global Trucks.

Redefining Versatility

Next-Gen Ranger offers an array of organisation and storage solutions to secure cargo, make fitting accessories a cinch and even DIY customisation. For instance, owners can create segmented DIY storage spaces, both big and small, by sliding pieces of wood into slots moulded into the bedliner, or even get creative and build things like a bike rack.

There are tie-downs mounted in the bed, and on the Wildtrak variant there are external tie-down rails and sliding cleats that can be adjusted into nine positions to help secure odd-shaped cargo.⁸ The new rear load box access step¹ is the result of more than 5000 interviews with pickup owners, learning how they used their trucks and what they wanted from their next one.

For those who use their vehicle for adventure, the addition of six structural attachment points in the protective load box capping, make it easy to fit accessories like a canopy, cross bars or a tent, truly making Next-Gen Ranger the most versatile ever.

There’s now more storage space on the inside of Next-Gen Ranger too, from under-seat storage to retractable cup holders and a raft of cubby holes stashed around the cabin. 

Notable Examples²

The Cargo Box – Versatility as a Workspace
Ford’s design team studied the ways customers used the cargo box – be they a tradesperson, adventurer or family who needed to carry ‘stuff’ – and developed many innovative ways to help them access and use the space more effectively.

  • The rear load box access step makes climbing up into the cargo box much easier. Attached directly to the load box via two steel supports, the box step boasts a strong, durable construction and means you no longer need to climb onto the wheel to access gear, tools or equipment in the back of Ranger.1
  • Load box lighting means that setting up or packing camp sites or finding gear in the dark is a lot easier.
  • Zone lighting can be controlled via the infotainment system inside the vehicle or via the FordPass™ app on your smartphone. A combination of the headlights, puddle lamps, numberplate lamps and box lighting can be set to illuminate a 360-degree area around the truck, or in specific areas. It is perfect for safely inspecting the area around the vehicle at night.3
  • The easy-lift tailgate, which can be raised and lowered with one hand, doubles as a mobile workbench.¹ The tailgate work surface is designed to help owners with professional or DIY jobs. Two clamp pockets concealed by spring-loaded caps in the tail gate are designed to help secure timber or other project materials, while a built-in ruler with 10mm increments (on models not fitted with a drop-in bedliner) makes measuring convenient.1
  • Power to the box comes in the form of a 12V socket, meaning customers can power a range of 12V appliances by plugging directly into the Ranger.4

The Cargo Box – Innovations for Load Carrying
The next-gen Ranger’s cargo box includes several new innovations that help customers customise the load area to suit their needs.

  • The new drop-in bedliner incorporates functional divider locators so that owners can create their own compartments to store gear that they might otherwise have to carry in the cabin. Dividers can be custom-made from timber at home and then installed and removed as required. As a bonus, the improved and wider moulded profile on the bedliner is more comfortable on your knees, is much easier to clean and also means items are less likely to slip around.⁵
  • Loading and unloading the Ranger has never been easier. At 1,233-litres, the cargo box has best-in-class volume⁶, meaning customers can carry more. With Ranger now 50mm wider, the cargo box can accommodate a standard European pallet (1,200mm x 800mm) in the bed, while the loadbox length runs from 1,544mm to 2,305mm depending on the variant.⁷
  • An internal rail with spring-loaded, adjustable cleats on either side of the cargo box allows customers to configure their cleats and tie-downs to suit every load.⁸ Cleats slide and lock into nine locations along the rail. There are also six fixed tie-down points in the cargo box.
  • Wildtrak models are fitted with aluminium extrusions that double as tie-down rails that run the full length of the cargo box.
  • Durable plastic box top and tail gate capping protects the load box edges and tailgate upper edge from damage. That means owners can load equipment into the cargo box without fear of damaging the paint on the top surface of the load box or tail gate.
  • Load box access caps are removable plastic caps that cover structural attachment points for aftermarket accessories like canopies and equipment crossbars for camping and adventure gear.
  • Roof top platform mounts allow for the easy fitment of roof accessories, like racks or a platform. Next-gen Ranger’s roof load limits are up to 350kg (static) and 85kg (dynamic).
  • The available powered roller shutter allows customers to open and close the box cover using their key fob or from a switch inside the cargo box or from the instrument panel. Special accessories channels run down the sides of the roller shutter allowing customers to easily fit accessory mounts for things like bikes, snow boards/skis, kayaks or camping gear. The powered roller shutter boasts features including an ice breaker and anti-pinch, which automatically stops the shutter when it detects an obstruction.

Interior – Versatility Inside Too
Ford designers have redesigned the interior of the next-gen Ranger to help customers keep their vehicle organised. More storage space inside and the new centre console design with dedicated storage compartments means owners can keep their next-gen Ranger more organised than ever before.

  • A redesign of the under-seat storage has created more room in the bins underneath the rear seats allowing for the ‘over-filling’ of the bins while still allowing the seats to be dropped in place.
  • The rear seat back also folds flat, allowing you to carry more gear inside.⁷

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