Ford Assured Future Value

Drive into the future
with confidence

A new Ford more often

At Central Motor Group we are pleased to offer Ford’s exclusive finance solution. With Ford Assured Future Value you’ll have a flexible finance solution that gives you peace of mind from the moment you get your new vehicle. And your next one.

Not only will you have the certainty of low fixed repayments, but you will also have three great options when it comes to the end of your agreed term. Plus, you can renew at any time; it all means you can enjoy a new Ford more often. Ford Assured Future Value is exclusively available across the entire Ford range.

Ford Assured Future Value

How Ford Assured Future Value works

Select a model

Start by selecting the Ford model you want.

Choose a term

Choose the contract term which suits you best (36 months or 48 months).

Agree on the kilometre allowance

Next, agree the annual kilometre allowance (15,000 or 20,000 km per year) so you only pay for what you use.

Choose a deposit amount

Choose your deposit amount (which also gives you the option to reduce your repayments to fit your budget).

We calculate the assured value & your payment

Based on this, we’ll calculate the assured future value using the kilometres and term of the loan.

This means your regular repayments will be less, as your repayments don’t include the future value (the payments are based on the cost of the car minus the deposit amount and assured future value).

When your term is finished

With Ford Assured Future Value you’ll be driving your way, on your terms, thanks to a contract featuring an interest rate fixed for the term of the loan and set repayments. And you’ll have peace of mind because you’ll know what lies ahead. But that’s just the beginning because you can also upgrade or refinance if you choose. At the conclusion of your agreed term, you’ll have total freedom to select a new option to suit you.


If you’d like to upgrade to a new Ford, the equity you’ve built up will contribute towards your new Ford.


If you’d like to own your vehicle at the end of your agreed term, you can negotiate a new finance agreement or pay the balance, to buy it outright.


If you decide to return the vehicle, then provided you’ve made all your monthly payments, the vehicle meets fair wear and tear, and is within the agreed kilometre allowance, you just need to pay the return fee.